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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. summer-like temperatures. >> any drizzle? good morning. a lot of fog once again north bay valleys, along the coast. as far as drizzle and rain, i don't see it. you drive through mist, you may need wipers through the fog that's as great an extent as the wet weather is going to be. wind is blowing out of the west a little that's why the bay is filling up with fog. probably will have flight arrival delays into sfo again. 80 to near mid 90s east bay valleys.
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good morning. fog is on the golden gate bridge you can see heavy, limited visibility off the waldo, traffic light coming into san francisco accident westbound 80 at 505 vacaville area blocking lane three right now bright lights are very distracting so be careful. oracle world coming to mosconey howard street closed between third and fourth major delays south of market. something else commuters need to know you have to be prepared for days if you plan to drive in san francisco tonight. bike riders are expected to jam city streets to mark the 20th anniversary of critical mass. it began two decades ago when 50 people chose to ride their bikes home from work together. sometimes it numbers in the thousands. it has sparked periodic
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altercations between drivers and cyclists. no word what might happen. police say they will be ready for anything. >> we'll have extra people with them we use motorcycles, and bikes. >> there's no predicting how many will show up when the ride begins at the foot of market street 6:00 tonight or which streets the riders will take over, so be ready. this morning the investigation continues into a fatal crash in novato that took the life of a 12-year-old girl riding her bike. amy hollyfield joins us from the scene. >> reporter: this spot where she was hit is now marked by flowers and a couple of candles on this two-lane road, including a turn lane busy but narrow street on novato boulevard. she was riding her bike when she was hit. hailey ratliff just moved to novato from new mexico. she wrote on her facebook page
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that she lived in new mexico all her life and didn't want to leave her friends. hailey was hit by an suv before 3:00 yesterday. the driver did stop after the collision. hailey was new here but those who have lived here for a while say this road has always made them nervous. >> they are flying on the road, no speed limits posted. there's a community here and we have a lot of kids here. >> reporter: the driver -- >> the driver of the suv is cooperative there does not appear to be signed of impairment or illegal maneuvers we are investigating. >> reporter: police are still trying to figure out why this happened. residents are convinced this road needs speed bumps, maybe signs to try and make it safer. hailey was a student at the middle school that will bring in guidance counselors . amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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this morning a family wants justice for 15-year-old autistic boy beaten by an older man at the south hayward bart station. the right side of his mouth is swollen he and a friend were walking at the station at midnight in july, a man in his 30s asked the boys to get him a cab, they refused, he began punching trevor. the d.a.'s office charged the man with possession, but not assault. >> i don't feel what this man is getting is justice. i told my brother i would do whatever it takes to make sure this man pays for his crimes. >> the family has created a facebook page to rally support for the teen. this afternoon an elementary school principal charged with setting meth is due back in court. eric dean lewis made his first appearance monday police say
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he offered drugs to an undercover officer he met through an online site. at his home officers found meth, ghb and almost a dozen hidden cameras including one in a teddy bear. sixth grade teacher at balance ban any middle school is set to be arranged today on lewd conduct charges. a meeting took place to discuss the arrest of sixth grade teacher james izumizaki. the 28-year-old is accused of having inappropriate contact with a former student under 14. parents were told students in his class would placed in other classes monday. san francisco city college board of trustees has a plan to keep the college open as its faces severe financial trouble. the trustees unveiled the 14-point plan hiring new financial watchdogs, laying off faculty, closing or
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leasing properties and refocusing on course work. the commission has given city college until march 15th, to keep accreditation and prevent 86,000 student school from closing in june. this morning the big story, fog. >> it was foggy and he's right, not -- it wasn't drizzling, but deposits on my wind shield. >> not just for you. >> no, for all concerned. good morning. let's check out the winds, nearly calm around santa rosa, it is going to leak down 101 as you can see north wind at novato west wind at sfo pulling in some of the fog from the coast this morning. today a little summer spread, technically not sumner any more but spread from 59 pacifica to 71 oakland into the east bay valleys return of the 90s right there 90 at
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brentwood. still 60s along the coast upper 50s cloud cover thicker, low to mid 70s bay mainly inland 80s until we get to fairfield, antioch and livermore with 90. mid to upper 60s monterey bay, inland 80s. three hottest days of the forecast starting tomorrow, sunday now monday. 100 monday inland, 90 bay, mid 70s at the coast. good morning. happy friday. friday light so far at the bay bridge it is early, but very light traffic headed into san francisco, no metering lights and no delays on the upper deck. accident in the vacaville area westbound 80 at 505 blocking lane three, you can see a little minor slowing past the scene critical mass 20th anniversary 6:00 this evening. we don't know where riders end
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up going traffic can be jammed they start at the embarcadero, skwruz skwreuz and fuse -- justin herman plaza and fuse their way around the city. down our wazeman -- download our waze map. nothing happening on the embarcadero you will find slow traffic free app become a traffic spotter, get involved and report back to other spotters what is happening and where the traffic issues are. critical mass great way to get around it. >> she had me at free. next, the hunt for jimmy hoffa, decades after he disappeared, a tip could crack a cold case open. shooter opens fire at a sign company in minneapolis before turning the gun on himself. i'm tahman bradley with the details coming up.
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>> first, here's john muller with this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: facebook unwraps gift service some of the members can send gifts, real, not virtual to other members. facebook gifts will be available to all users eventually.vd android phones are boasting they have near field communication technology which will let them communicate with other nearby devices apple iphone 5 doesn't have it. they say that shouldn't be a factor. >> it is getting attention in the -- the fact is that presents real challenges they there are not a lot of terminals that can handle nfc. >> apple fields wallet app is sufficient and it only took a few hours to top download charts, latest game from makers of angry birds features some of the
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good morning. we have fog in san francisco and around the bay certain lay long the coast. meteorologist mike nicco is checking out mid 90s inland going to warm up nicely on our way to warmer temperatures this weekend. coming up. today police are expected to release names of those killed in yesterday's minnesota workplace shooting. the shooter is among the dead. tahman bradley has more on what happened. >> reporter: a tense scene in minneapolis, s.w.a.t. team responded to a gunman who opened fire at the company killing four, including the company's founder and then himself. >> i can confirm, the shooter, is dead if a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: this morning, police are trying to determine if the shooter was a grunt ed worker. four victims were -- transported to a local hospital, three in critical,
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fourth had minor injuries. i was a terrifying scene when police responded to the shooting around 4:30 -- it was a terrifying scene when police responded. >> multiple agencies, local and federal. >> reporter: tactical teams surrounded the building he, evacuating people, closing off several blocks people headed home from work saw their street become a crime scene. >> police behind a tree yelled at me to turn around and make a u-turn. >> outside our doors was like s.w.a.t. teams and state troopers, i walked a couple blocks and came to see what happened. >> reporter: the shooting appears to be isolated, residents are still shaken. >> i worry about going to school tomorrow because i teach middle school. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: last night residents gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember the victims we expect to learn their names later today. tahman bradley, abc news.
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crude oil prices up sharply after israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu issued -- in his speech netanyahu asked the u.n. to draw clear red line to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons. neither the u.s. nor any of its international partners was ready to abandon diplomacy in favor of military action. the man behind an anti-muslim film responsible for bloody riots in the arab world is in jail in morning. yesterday he was driven from district court in los angeles after a judge ruled him a flight risk. he was arrested for probation violations in a 2010 bank fraud case. search for jimmy hoffa
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moves to michigan. police will be taking samples to see if in is any human decomposition from the diveway in roseville, michigan. authorities received what they say is a credible tip that he may be buried under the settlement there. he disappeared in 1975 from a -- restaurant parking lot. next, uc berkeley seismologists in washington, d.c. today promoting benefits of early warning system for quakes. plastic ban that goes into effect monday and how it could cost shoppers in san francisco. bay area icon retiring after more than 50 years on air. we'll talk to kgo radio's -- [ unintelligible ] . you disgust me.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. 60s coast, 70s bay, 80s to
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90s east bay valleys. traveling today across the country still cool in the extreme parts of the northeast boston 58, 71 new york, 80s and 70s throughout the rest of the country, 79 portland, 98 phoenix. airports all have green running on time, lack of yellow, we don't have widespread severe weather expected we have fog in the bay area watch out for flight arrival delays into sfo. 4:48. san francisco's tough new ordinance banning plastic bags from all stores takes effect mondale. judge cleared the way with ruling upholding the ordinance on september 12th. new ban will be expanded to include all restaurants by next july. retailers will be charging 10 cents for paper. seismologists will be in washington, d.c. today to talk with white house and senate staffers about benefits of earthquake early warning
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systems. bart teaming up with uc berkeley to adopt system allowing bart trains to automatically brake when a quake threatens allowing up to a minute for trains to start slowing before the ground starts to shake. plugged into a statewide network signals travel faster than seismic waves created by quake the computer will slow trains down to 26 miles per hour before the shaking begins here. one of the bay area's legendary broadcasters will turn on his mic for the last time this morning after 51 years. done sanchez takes a look at his amazing career. >> we started in san francisco northbound. >> reporter: for 51 years he's been one of the most familiar voices on bay area radio. >> highway 24 to the bay bridge. >> reporter: updated traffic on the morning news his career
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was launched on the don sherwood show reporting from a passenger helicopter. >> i've been told i am the only nonpilot certified by the faa to fly in the front seat of a commercial helicopter. >> reporter: early on stan knew he to be a broadcaster. >> to find an industry that allows you to have a good time and pay the rent, not a bad combination. >> reporter: it has taken him so many places. two years he ran a tv operation in american samoa. he wound up with us in 1976 he became the executive producer and winner of emmys. there was the draw to get back in front of mic. flying october 17th, 198 the -- 1989 a producer yelled quake i said oh my god, i'll say it clearly the upper deck
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has fallen to the lower deck. >> reporter: that began flying 15 hours a day. >> where you could go and where you couldn't. what was working what wasn't work. >> reporter: the most memorable moment of his career outside a couple of crashes when a seagull cracked windshield pilot made a suggestion. >> would be a good idea if you knew how to land this. yeah i'm game for that. >> reporter: stan says, he could do it. he also had time to write a best selling book. now stan's life is changing. monday morning the alarm won't ring at 3 a.m. but he will be facing a new reality, traffic from the other >> all the time i've been reporting on traffic the last 32 years for kgo, i was never in the commute, was i? >> reporter: the radio staff took him to alcatraz the first time he's been there. the continuation of an active, fruitful life.
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congratulations stan. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> going into the commute, finance any he's never been stuck in traffic he's been above it now he's going to be in it. >> stan we are going to hear your voice in person. he was always there for us through thick and thin. we'll miss you buddy. >> here's a growing legend to your left, mike nicco. >> a little far left, -- [ talking over each other ] >> they are having a big party in mill valley tonight watch out -- [ talking over each other ] some of the fog crossing over san francisco this morning, expecting flight arrival delays into sfo call ahead or use our flight tracker as was the case yesterday and the day before with the fog we don't see organized areas of
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wet weather, no radar returns just mist as you drive through some of this moisture as it hangs in the air. temperatures running 48 santa rosa everybody else in the 50s livermore 61 fog around monterey bay inland to salinas low to mid 50s here's the story of the day the cloud cover that hangs around through the morning and by about 7:00 as thick as it is going to get by 10:00 out of the east bay and south bay anything that does develop still hanging around north bay until noon pretty healthy cloud cover, going tyke an hour longer today to break out in -- sunshine at the bay coast less sunshine 70s bay, 80s and 90s inland. south bay temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s mainly mid to upper 70s peninsula downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 60s
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80s north bay valleys 50s beaches, 69 berkeley. sunshine if you didn't need the air conditioner yesterday in the east bay valleys you won't need it today. low to upper 60s monterey bay. 90 yosemite stray chance of a thunderstorm today 100 palm springs near 80 san diego and in l.a.. game at coliseum tonight seattle in town to take on oakland, 61 dropping to 56. push the extreme heat off until sunday and monday hang around through tuesday cooling hits the coast wednesday moves through the bay and inland by thursday. good morning. vacaville accident blocking lane number three, emergency crews arriving on scene westbound 80 at 505, not
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showing significant slowing it is early enough they can clear that out shouldn't be a big deal. not so bad out of the central valley up and over the altamont pass, less than 15 minutes as you drive towards dublin-pleasanton area through livermore. out of antioch towards pittsburg, highway 4 westbound still good, bunching up a little out of antioch, travel time from hillcrest to 242. oracle open world coming to san francisco how war street closed between third and fourth causing delays south of market, muni rerouted around that. download our free abc 7 waze app, you can see in the middle of your screen that's howard street if you are reporting and see traffic or get around traffic you can communicate with other waze users, for your free app. with critical mass today, great helper. a's pitcher braden is
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taking on the law in his hometown of stockton at an anti-violence rally he called chief jones a liar for telling residents police are doing everything they can to rein the gang violence he says it is so bad he's taking his grandmother and leaving town. >> they told me the only advice they could give me was to take my grandmother and move. they told me unless i'm shooting or they are shooting at me, they don't come. we have no other choice. arm yourself or get out, wild west, the boys in blue are out-gunned. >> stockton the second most violent city in the state per capita only out-ranked by oakland. this morning a dog is the only certified member of the police force in a small new mexico town. the police keefe in vaughn stepped down two days -- the police chief in vaughn stepped down two days ago because he couldn't carry a gun because of a felony conviction in
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texas. that leaves the dog as the top dog. the only cop on the force without a criminal record. >> they are doing a back gunned check on nika to see. >> as well they should. reward is being offered to find the person who mugged a woman for her iphone in the marina district. santa clara woman uses her child to steal, then drives off without her. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo at justin herman plaza in san francisco, it is the last friday of the month that means critical mass. this month, this year, is special.
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